A journey to Madagascar

This year's MS Musical Madagascar was a success, performed on April 13th
and 14th. Enrolled students of Middle School put a lot of effort into the
performances, resulting in a unique show. Every single character could
thoroughly enjoy acting, dancing and singing.

Performers describe Madagascar as an "entertaining, different and new" Musical.
All of them had their personal reason to join. Indeed, Triniti describes that,
"joining this year's Musical was a way to express my love for music." On a
different note, 8th grader Makayla believes that "the movie that this Musical is
based on is my absolute childhood." She was reminded of her childhood, and
how important Madagascar means to her.

Rehearsals were time-consuming and challenging. However, all cast members
enjoyed spending time with friends, who share the same passion as them.
They are always there to support you, laugh with you and have fun. This
Musical had a very strong message about friendship, as shown in the last
song "Together Forever." Memories carved in rehearsals and show-night will
forever stay, made possible thanks to a community built together as a cast.

Memories kept from an experience like this year's Musical can stick to your
mind for many years. Every cast member had an experience to share. Sofia,
in character of Private the penguin, explains how her "best memory was when
we were onstage and I looked into the audience and there was this little girl
pointing me out to her dad and smiling excitedly." These small events "push
you" to the best of your ability, making your character in the play spring to
life. Noah, Alex the lion, also thought that "the rush of starting the show,
and then letting my character take control" made the Musical magical.

Moreover, this show bloomed thanks to the Director Mrs Brink, and the Dance
choreograph Ms. Danielle. Both were a major part of constructing the show.
Close to performers, they managed to make them grow and improve in every
rehearsal. Mrs Brink, as second year Director of the Musical at LCS, explains
that she chose the Musical "because I thought the students would enjoy it and
there are a lot of roles and many chances for students to participate, have fun,
and develop their skills. I also chose it because it was different from last year's
show and I think that gives students a chance to have different kinds of
experiences with theater." She agrees that the best part of the journey in the
Musical was "seeing how creative the students could be. It was great to see
how people interpreted directions and made the characters their own."

The audience was able to enjoy this Musical, as much as the actors did
performing it. Ginevra states that "if I was part of the audience I think that
I would be really into the show. I would be excited to see what would happen
next and how the animals solve the problem." Indeed, each scene was
"compelling" (Mrs Brink) and each character was an audience member's
favorite! Having sold 537 tickets, with 60 cast members and 15 involved
in the stage crew, makeup and background painting, this show was full of
enthusiasm and simply thrilling.

Story by Lise Fanchini