A Lincoln First - the AMIS European Middle School Honor Band

On April 9, Tristen Lee took to the air to head to Paris to represent LCS at
the Association for Music in International Schools' (AMIS) European MS Honor
Band! He had worked hard to earn this honor, competing against musicians
across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. When the judging was done, he
had earned the position as first chair tuba, the best tuba player to audition!
He also was the only musician in any international school in Africa who was
successful in earning a position in the band!

Coming together with some of the world's best young musicians to make
music, forming the bonds that are integral to any successful musical
ensemble, working with the outstanding director of the band, experiencing
some marvelous cultural excursions - all made for a superb experience for
Tristen. In addition, he comes back to Lincoln ready to share his passion,
helping other musicians and encouraging them to audition so they too
can take part in this powerful experience!


Tristen's thoughts . . . 'The AMIS trip was an amazing experience. Meeting
so many great musicians like myself made for a fun learning experience. We
bonded so fast and so close, it made us all emotional when we left. I've made
great friends that I'll see next year. I definitely want to try to go to one of
these events again and I encourage other musicians to as well.'