Alumnus Arjun Vaswani

"Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet."This quote by famous author, Simon Sinek, is a fitting reflection of Arjun's time at Lincoln Community School. One of Arjun's many fond memories of LCS is of making friends from different nations around the world, which is a memory he still holds closely to his heart today. Arjun attended LCS from 2002-2014.

Currently, he studies Hospitality Management at Ecole Hoteliere in Mumbai, India. He attributes LCS's high quality education program and facilities as the reason why his parents chose the school for him. As a result of the IB Programme offered at LCS, Arjun found himself in an advantageous position at university.

Arjun's reading, writing and research skills were well-developed at Lincoln, which made him well prepared to meet his university's standards. Arjun credits the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) program, for instilling good values in him and helping him build character at a young age. The CAS program has made him very passionate about helping people, especially the underprivileged.

We interviewed Arjun to find out about his first internship experience with Olam (Ghana), a global agri-business that grows, sources, trades and processes food and industrial raw materials. When asked about his internship experience, Arjun said, "My experience at Olam was new for me because I was able to go out into the real world, interact with real customers and see the day-to-day activities of people.

Lincoln is a very privileged environment where we are blessed with many things that we should appreciate much more. Once I went into the real world and saw how people lived, I learnt how to be more appreciative of my surroundings and what I have achieved and learnt. I feel like that's the biggest lesson I've learnt while working at Olam. There are many technical things I've learnt, related to the field. But from my perspective, it has helped me build character and I feel that it's the most important thing." With regards to how well LCS prepared him for this internship, Arjun also noted that going through the IB Programme made report writing and communicating information very easy for him. He believes that these two skills are very important when working because the stronger your communication skills are in the workplace, the better and more efficient your work will be.In offering advice to other LCS students and alumni considering his career path, Arjun stated, "My career path is very unique, I would say.

With regards to hospitality, if anyone wants to pursue that path, you really need a lot of drive because it is very demanding and you need to be motivated from within. There's a lot of hard work and it can take you to places you've never been before."