Alumnus Carl Yared

From 2002 to 2009, Carl-Antoine Ghassan
Yared spent his
academic years at Lincoln Community School. Carl recounted that his parents believe in higher education, exposure, and international accreditation led them to enroll him at Lincoln Community School. During his recent visit to our school, Carl reminisced on his fondest memories which were the CAS activities, NGO collaboration, and the unique bonds he created with his mates and the staff of Lincoln Community School.

With regards to how well the school prepared him for college, he related it to the individual; stating that the efforts of a student at LCS, in addition to what the teachers bring onboard is enough to fully prepare a student for college. With over 50 nationalities represented at Lincoln Community School, he confirmed that the school impacted him greatly by giving him a solid foundation of cultural understanding, through his engagement with many international students during his time here. Currently, Carl lives in Accra, Ghana working as the Head of Marketing of a biscuit factory. When asked about his advice to students at Lincoln Community School, he said: "to stand out, be willing, and have the curiosity to explore outside of your comfort zone. Be willing to make calculated mistakes". He also added that, they always need to have a positive outlook, adapt to their environment, be a team leader and be creative. He sounded enthusiastic about his passion. What stood out was his love for photography. He cited "I love capturing memories. I love the continuity and eagerness to constantly learn and grow". His passion for life generally could not go unremarked. He is still in contact with childhood friends as well as old and close classmates who still happily live in Ghana. It was a pleasure to have Carl pay us a visit. We wish him all the best in his career and future.