Alumnus Jamil Maraby

When Jamil Maraby joined Lincoln
Community School in 1986, he could
not have predicted the impact it would
have on his life. At the time he enrolled
at Lincoln Community School, it only
went from preschool up to Grade 9.
His parents were drawn to the school
because of the small class sizes and
the diversity in the student population.
That exposure to different cultures was
a big factor in the decision to choose
LCS. Jamil fondly remembers the tight
knit community he was eager to be a
part of when he enrolled at LCS in Grade
7. "There were about 90 students in the entire school!" he recalled.

The individualized attention from the teachers, the friendships across the
grades and the unique curriculum made learning at LCS fun and memorable. The
experience at LCS prepared him tremendously well for his education when he
graduated from Grade 9 in 1989. He was enthusiastic about learning and education
and was eager to follow his passions and dreams. This dedication to his dreams has
paid off as he was recently appointed as the Head of Marketing for the Ghana
Football Association (GFA).

This of course is not the end of the road for Jamil. There is "room to innovate
and impact Ghanaian Society through sports and inclusion", he said. Jamil would
definitely advise any current students or recent graduates who are interested in
Sports Management/Marketing to pursue it wholeheartedly as it is "still uncharted
territory". Jamil is very passionate about gender equality and football and he would
continue to change his part of the world using football as a tool for social

Kudos to Jamil! We are looking forward to seeing him continue to excel in his
role as Head of Marketing at the GFA!