Alumnus Jeanette Bradshaw Sexton

The memories, learning experiences,
and diverse community experienced
during her time at Lincoln Community
School are still with her today. Jeanette
Bradshaw Sexton along with her sister,
Tracy, attended Lincoln Community School
from 1977-1980. Jeanette shared this
about her experience: "So many memories
- playing on the star shaped fish pond,
art in the pool house, swimming lessons at the U.S. Ambassador's residence,
lunch outside by the stage, field trip to Elmina and the chocolate factory, teachers
from other countries, students from other countries, and enjoying a rich cultural
exchange." All this and more impacted her and her life choices. LCS was recommended
to her parents by the American missionary community that her family were part of.

Jeanette left LCS at the completion of 6th grade to attend boarding school
in Ivory Coast, even so, she shares that she ".... grew in curiosity and
independence during those years. I went on to attend 2 other schools
before graduating high school, so immersing myself in various cultures
became a way of life." She is so very grateful for her years at LCS and
believes her time in Ghana had a huge impact on her world view. Beyond
her passion for international foods, she strives to make a difference in
her community and beyond. Jeanette believes it is important to find a way
outside of your study or work to actively make the world a better place.
Currently, outside of her work at Alcon, she is involved with juvenile sex
trafficking prevention and domestic abuse prevention in her community.

The impact of attending LCS and living in Ghana has lasted well beyond
the years she attended. "I believe my years in Ghana began a lifelong
journey to experience other cultures - including a continuing interest in
foods, cultures, celebrations, and languages. I love hearing people's stories
and how they live." She strongly encourages all LCS students who will
eventually return to other countries to make the most of any opportunity
to experience the local culture. She advises, "definitely take many pictures
and/or keep a journal to remember this special place! My kids (who are
grown now) are fascinated with my childhood in Ghana, and I wish I had
more photos and clear memories to share! Tempus fugit!" She would like
to remind LCS students to be intentional in their efforts to stay connected!
Thank you, Jeanette Bradshaw Sexton for sharing your inspiring story
with our LCS community.

Jeanette works for Alcon, a medical device company, in Fort Worth,
Texas in their eCommerce and Salesforce technologies which are
becoming ever more important in these times. She was born in Houston, Texas