Alumnus Mishael Offei

Mishael Offei, Class of 2005, recently recounted his experience at LCS and the profound impression it had on him. "The exposure LCS provided could not be found in any other school in the country at the time." His most vivid memory during his time at LCS is his progression from being the most improved player on the basketball team, to captain of the team by his senior year. "The team was undefeated in the year I was captain and the bonds and friendships developed with my teammates and coaches have lasted till today," he noted.

Mishael expressed his appreciation for the substantial preparation he received at Lincoln Community School before heading off to Ashesi University, recognized as one of the finest universities in Africa. He recalled how easy it was to continue to excel in his first two years at Ashesi due to the depth of knowledge and level of exposure he received at LCS. "The transition to university almost seemed like I was starting grade 13 versus a whole different experience I would have had to struggle to adapt to."

Presently, Mishael works as a Senior Associate in a corporate finance advisory company located in Accra. He is extremely passionate about the development of Africa and working with youth to better position themselves as agents of impact for the future. One valuable piece of advice he offered to students and recent graduates was that, "even though knowledge is important, it is the thought patterns you develop (your perspective and analysis) and soft skills (problem solving and communication skills) you acquire throughout your journey that will set you above the competition wherever you find yourself."

Mishael periodically meets up with some of his former schoolmates and stays connected with the rest mainly via social media. He continues to reflect on the values that Lincoln Community School instilled in him many years ago: "the opportunity to interact with people of different cultures, the emphasis on critical thinking and giving back to the community still make up the pillars of who I am and what I do today." Mishael is undeniably a true embodiment of the LCS mission: 'Learn, Lead, Connect'.