ALUMNUS Sophie Anne Mullen

This happens to be the life of this month's alumni spotlight; Sophie-Anne Mullen. She enrolled into LCS in the 10th Grade and graduated with us in 2017. Growing up as a daughter of a diplomat, Sophie acknowledged that Lincoln Community School offered a similar international experience to the international community she got acquainted with as a child. Our school's IB program was a plus, as it gave her the flexibility in choosing her path after high school. She also said that her teachers went the 'extra mile' to ensure she was ready for life after LCS; not forgetting our counselors who offered great support in preparation for university applications.

Sophie's love for theatre and film began right here on our campus. Her fondest memory was in her final year, where she played the character Rizzo in the LCS High School Musical; 'Grease'.

Sophie currently lives in London, attending LightsKing's College. She is in her third year at King's College and will be completing a BA in Comparative Literature and Film Studies alongside independently pursuing film making.

When asked how her years at LCS impacted who she is today, she cited an example that being a part of the Student Representative Council refined her leadership skills, and being voted captain of some sports teams taught her time management. Not forgetting that the making of films and short clips for several clubs and societies on campus, gave her a great foundation for her current career in film making.

Sophie's film 'Call Me When You Get This', directed and produced by her explores the threshold between friendship and relationship. It centres around two friends David (Sebastian Mullen) and Lou (Luís Campos Ferreira, also an LCS graduate), who grow more distant when one finally gets a girlfriend. The film premiered at the London School of Economics and over 80 people graced the occasion. The film has also entered into many film festivals all over the world. You can check out her video on her vimeo channel, by searching for Sophie A Mullen.

Her advice to current students of Lincoln Community School is " If you're passionate about filmmaking, make films! You don't need fancy equipment to capture something you feel passionate about. I found, once you let go of this fear that what you create won't be substantial, you open yourself up to so many opportunities. The more you put yourself out there and the more you expose yourself to different forms of filmmaking and storytelling, the clearer your unique artistic identity will become." Alongside her passion for filmmaking, she also enjoys boxing for her university's amateur Boxing Club.

She has been able to stay connected with her classmates as she shared with us that London is the hotspot for LCS alumni to either live or visit. She also regularly stays in touch with alumni through numerous social media platforms.

Sophie's enthusiasm and exuberance cannot go unnoticed. It is always a pleasure connecting with our alumni. Lincoln Community School is extremely proud of each and every single Alum.

Written by Queenett Adzogble