ES Concert: Celebrating Mama Africa

Elementary School students invited Lincoln Community School parents and staff to "Celebrate Mama Africa" in their Annual ES Concert. Robed in tradition African print, students began the night with individual performances of piano and voice.

The performances continued to some group performances. Students in Grades 2-5 showcased a wide range of talent- from singing to drumming to dancing! The music included songs from around the world, with a special focus on our host continent. The celebration was not just of music, but of our diversity and internationally minded community.

The night was a culmination of many months of practicing during the school day and afterschool. Students left the stage feeling proud and energized. The multi-purpose hall was filled with tapping feet and laughing faces.

It was a big night for our students, and members from 4th grade used poetry to capture the feelings and perspectives of that night. Read below for two exceptional poems conveying what it felt like to perform in the concert.

How it was

Who could that be?

-Oh, it's me.
I listen to it,
I am there,
But my mind is not.
Surprisingly, I do not feel scared-
I feel confident.
As i watch, i realize everyone is watching me.
I know how it feels now ,
and i decided that i like it.
I am an untamed lion.

By Margaret Steenbergen

The Concert

Talking in the crowd
Happening right now
Escuchar everybody
Right now
Talking over everybody escuchando it is time
Escuchar = listen Escuchando = listening

By Celia Soubiran