Class with a Swedish School

The availability and reliability of LCS infrastructure does not only make teaching exciting, it also creates opportunities for students to engage in authentic communication in spite of vast differences in space and time. Such an opportunity arose on the 29th of May, 2018, for Mr. Michael Dzorkpata's 10th grade students to share their lives and learning experiences with their colleagues at T-Gymnasiet, Skövde, a high school in Sweden.

The conversations bordered on living conditions, attitudes, values and traditions, as well as socio-political and cultural conditions in different contexts and parts of the world where English is spoken. Fortunately, my students had just completed a unit on African Literature and Academic Writing, so the session served as a conduit for articulating their reflections on the unit. It was done via Skype; and it was fun and engaging. And the students were pushed to think about things they had never considered: like whether kids in Ghana are compelled to attend school; where lions could be found in Ghana and whether there are tigers here; gay rights in Ghana; the seriousness of gender issues in Ghana, etc.

There are plans to connect with the English teacher there for a discussion on their Literature reading lists – we could explore the prospect of joint Socratic seminars via skype.