Cultures of Dignity

Our teachers had the opportunity to attend workshops with consultants from
Cultures of Dignity, a US Based organization dedicated to shifting perspectives
on how to support young people's physical and emotional wellbeing.

Teachers from each division attended workshops which focused on exploring
the concepts of Respect and Dignity, active listening, reflecting on their own
experiences as young people, and discussing some of the new challenges young
people are facing in our connected world.

Middle and High School advisors also had sessions around the purpose of
Advisory (MS/HS) and Community Time (HS) and how we can use this time
most effectively to support the wellbeing of our students.

One important aspect of this process is being sure to involve student voice
in the development of the curriculum to ensure it is meeting the needs of
our students.

High School Leadership students also had the opportunity to attend a one day workshop with the consultants, culminating in collaborative time with the HS Advisors. Middle and High School teachers and leaders will continue to collaborate with the CoD consultants virtually throughout the year, as we work to enrich our Advisory and Community Time Programs.

Story by Greta Keltz