Deep learning in 8th Grade Math

This quarter, 8th Grade Math students engaged with the following
Statement of Inquiry: Cultures showcase beliefs and perspective on
beauty via space and patterns. Asking themselves, "How do we as
individuals and members of communities, create art to represent
our beliefs, values, and aesthetic?" 8th grade students were able to
explore the key concept of Culture, and related concepts (Math-specific)
of Patterns and Space.

Students were asked to create original visual art pieces that:

  1. Are inspired by a culture (or cultures) you value
  2. Gives insight into your beliefs, values, and aesthetic

In class presentations that were attended by students, parents, MYP
Math Teacher and Head of the Math Department, Ms. Zorica Lloyd,
Student Support Services Teacher, Shannon Corey, and school leaders
including Head of School Ms. Sheena Nabholz, students shared their
deep learning of geometric transformations including reflections,
rotations, translations, and dilations.

Throughout the presentations, students demonstrated two approaches
to learning skills:

Information Literacy - access information to be informed and inform

Creativity and Innovation - create original works and ideas

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