Alumnus Dollar Agbemadon

"My parents believe in education that makes one a balanced person. They did not expect good grades only but also expected an environment that will make me a well-rounded person in sports and culturally. I attended LCS from 2008 to 2011. LCS was a perfect fit because of its great academic program and sports structure and also the global environment students are exposed to.

"One thing I remember the most is how sports and other cultural events brought students from different backgrounds and ages together. Events like international festival, basketball games and sporting tournaments, drama productions and art exhibitions made it easier for the community to connect. I remember "hi-fiving" kids from elementary school through high school and all workers and teachers just because they came to watch me play basketball and I went to go watch the various events on campus. It felt like a big family.

"I underestimated how much LCS prepared me for life in general until I got to university in USA where most people had never met or interacted with someone from a different country. I had been exposed to this environment and learnt how to navigate and work with others all the way from 10th grade so in college, I could easily assimilate and help others feel more comfortable and I am grateful for that. LCS has a great impact on who I am today because it taught me a lot in terms of responsibility, time management and how to carry myself in a respectable manner.

"I am passionate about basketball, music and giving back to the community in my own way. I currently live in Accra, Ghana where I am the founder and executive director of TRAIN.GROW.LEAD (TGL) a nonprofit for youth basketball training and development that works with children of ages 12 - 18. TGL serves as an inclusive body dedicated to using the love of basketball to create opportunities for the youth and prepare them for life on and off the basketball court by focusing on life skills, education, youth intervention, female engagement, employability and promoting mental health awareness. TGL's ethos is to inspire participation, learning and development in a safe and non-discriminatory environment. I want to say thank you to classmates and friends from other grades and the LCS community who are supporting TGL. I appreciate you all!"