Ghana Must Read

Supervised by Ms. Ann, the HS Assistant Librarian, the CAS club, Ghana
Must Read once again embarked on a trip to Ayenyah in the Ayikumah
district on a Read & Lead project.

This time around, the club collaborated with Impact Youth Foundation to
think up ideas to better the library of Ayenyah Community School in order
to benefit the youth of the community at large.

The club also embarked on a reading and story telling exercise with the
children of the community. Ideas were gathered on how best to help the
school in their reading programs as they are dreadfully low on resources.

Student leaders of the club, Serag Elsadani (Gr.12), Habiba Moataz (Gr.12),
Lise Fanchini (Gr.9), Ann Safo (Gr.11), Varsha Ganesan (Gr.9), Maiya Smith
(Gr.9), Christopher Ohrt (Gr.12), Rebecca Kaninda (Gr.12), Ayushi Uniyal
(Gr.12) and Afua Boadi (Gr.12) were all a part of this trip.

Once again we entreat the students of Lincoln Community School (Grades 6-12)
that all are welcome to join this club.

Story by Ann Safo