Global Contexts in the Middle Years Program (Grades 6-10)

"Using global contexts, MYP students develop an understanding of their common humanity
and shared guardianship of the planet through developmentally appropriate explorations."

Global Contexts are carefully chosen by all teachers in the Middle Years Program at Lincoln
Community School for each unit, in every subject area. These ensure that our units of
study are grounded here in
Accra, and in the world. They provide purpose and
opportunities to practice authentic real-world applications, affirm the diverse backgrounds
of our international student body, and inspire students and faculty to raise our
commitment to the IB mission statement: " create a better and more peaceful world
through intercultural understanding and respect..." There are six global contexts. Teachers
choose one per unit beginning in Grade 6 until the Grade 10
Personal Project when LCS
students make their own choice between the following: Identities and Relationships,
Orientation in Time and Space, Personal and Cultural Expression, Scientific and Technical
Innovation, Globalization and Sustainability, and Fairness and Development.

Global Context Spotlight on Grade 9 at Lincoln Community School (Year 4 of the IB Middle
Years Program):

Grade 9 Design Unit
Global Context: Globalization and sustainability
Statement of Inquiry: The design and sustainable development of a product's container (packaging)
makes a difference in the product's promotion, protection and who purchases it.

Design students at LCS recently developed innovative solutions to problems they identified
in their own lives in Accra related to environmental issues of sustainability. Solutions
included fashion originals made of discarded single-use plastic bags, a graphic arts
campaign encouraging the use of glass over plastic, and a proposal delivered (and
documented on film) to the store manager of Game at the Accra Mall. Some students have
decided that some of these initiatives will become collaborative Service as Action projects
in second semester, and will even continue to develop as 10th grade Personal Projects
next year.

Grade 9 Language and Literature Unit
Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression
Statement of Inquiry: The creative process of artistic self-expression entails looking inwards at one's
self, and outwards at one's world.

Language and Literature students at LCS (English) held a Grade 9 Poetry and Short Story
Exhibition this week, inviting parents and the whole school community. Students
presented printed short stories, poems, illustrations and rationale statements on
presentation boards, alongside the Statement of Inquiry for their unit of study. (The
Statement of Inquiry includes a reference to the chosen Global Context, and is constructed
by the teacher before the unit begins.) Students described their process and read excerpts
of their stories and poems.

Did you know? Global contexts allow students to make connections between subject areas;
one students' poems about Rwanda were inspired in part by his Individuals and Societies
(Humanities) learning this semester.

This article for "The Link" was written by the MYP Coordinator and is the first of a 5-part
series where each grade level of the Middle Years Program (Grades 6-10) will be
spotlighted with a focus on one core component of the MYP.

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