GOA aka Global Online Academy is alive and well for our students at Lincoln Community
School. What is GOA? "Global Online Academy is a nonprofit organization that reimagines
learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society."

Our LCS site director, Ms. Lisa Maren-Thompson shared that currently LCS has two
teachers, Ms. Jessica Gould and Ms. Cassie O'Brien offering courses on GOA.

So far this school year, 50 MS and over 50 HS students registered in shorter courses, which
they completed within an LCS course, like "When a Virus Goes Viral." This course was
developed by MS Science teacher, Jessica Gould. "When a Virus Goes Viral" was taken by
over 2,000 participants from member schools worldwide. Check out what this Flex Course
had to offer at: https://globalonlineacademy.org/student-program/flex-courses

This school year at LCS, 20 HS students enrolled in semester length courses for HS credit.
Enrollment has more than doubled each year for the past three years: from 3 to 7 to 20!

Recently, several of our students presented as part of the GOA Catalyst Conference. Please
join us in celebrating the work of these four LCS students who presented work in the GOA
Catalyst Conference last week: Nele, Mathieu, Judy, and Panna.

For more information about GOA and what it has to offer visit:
https://globalonlineacademy.org/ or reach out to lthompson@lincoln.edu.gh