Learning Based on a Coherent Curriculum

"Learning in IB World Schools is based on a coherent curriculum." - 2020 IB
Standards and Practices

How does Lincoln Community School create and maintain its quality curriculum
for all students?

As in all International Baccalaureate World Schools, faculty at Lincoln Community
School develop and regularly review the curriculum. We aim to ensure the
curriculum is up to date and clearly communicated to the school community.

I would like to share a recent example of this from our Middle Years Program
(MYP), which is the program for Lincoln Learners who are aged 11-16, grades

On October 17, 2019, the MYP Mathematics faculty members convened to review
the 2019 MYP Mathematics Curriculum Development Report. Mr. Will Pamperin,
Ms. Ruth Bagley, Ms. Cassandra O'Brien, Ms. Alyson Sayer, Head of Department
Zorica Lloyd, Mr. Patrick Sekyi, and Ms. Debi Naigle carefully compared the new
recommendations in the report to the LCS Mathematics curriculum and updated

it together.

Working together in collaboration, they were able to accomplish their objective
to ensure the Lincoln Community School Mathematics curriculum is up to date
for Grades 6-10, while also confirming common understandings as a professional
team. (Photo: MYP Mathematics team at work)

Parents at Lincoln Community School can view highlights of current units of
Mathematics study using our school's learning management system, Managebac.

Did you know? Lincoln Community School faculty members routinely look at student
work together to moderate their assessment decisions. This collaborative work also
strengthens curriculum through reflective dialogue about the unit's assessment tasks
and learning experiences. (Photo: Ms. Debi Naigle and Ms. Zorica Lloyd looking at
student work)

Would you like to learn more? You are invited to contact MYP Coordinator Lisa Maren
Thompson at lthompson@lincoln.edu.gh.

Story by Lisa Maren Thompson, MYP Coordinator