Limitless Ghana Founder, Arnav Nambiar, Supports Local Community

Lincoln Lion junior, Arnav Nambiar, is an action oriented student with a caring
spirit and deep motivation to do good for others. Arnav recently donated bags
of rice and boxes of beverages to support the Accra Rehabilitation Center.
Arnav created his foundation, Limitless Ghana, last year as a tenth grader.
"The main objective of my foundation is to create awareness for persons living
with disabilities and raising funds to help support their needs. This was an
extension to my grade 10 personal project."

Arnav stayed connected to the community he got to know. "Interacting with
them gave me the chance to understand some of the challenges they are facing."
This connection also led Arnav to become involved in the National Paralympic
Committee of Ghana, as some of the members of the committee became his
mentors and offered guidance to him with his foundation. As an ambassador,
Arnav not only continues his goals set for Limitless, but also offers support
specifically to the Paralympians who are going to represent Ghana in Tokyo.
Arnav shared these thoughts. "Due to the Covid 19 pandemic everyone is
adversely affected, especially vulnerable people of the community. Through
an awareness campaign I was able to reach out to some corporates and
individuals and raise money to buy some food items and distribute it to
various disability groups based out of Accra. My friends Rebecca and Nadeem
supported me in this initiative. I wish things would get back to normal soon."

Lincoln Community School is proud of the thoughtful work and contributions
Limitless provided to all those in time of need. Congratulations to Arnav and
his partners for thinking about the vulnerable and raising awareness for those
living with disabilities. Well done!