Lincoln Learners

How does Lincoln Community School describe a Lincoln Learner?

Lincoln Learners learn, lead, and connect to create a better world by:

  • employing the IB approaches to learning: thinking skills, communications skills, social skills, self-management skills, and research skills.
  • exemplifying the IB learner profile attributes as inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced, and reflective.

This week 8th grade Team Leader/Mathematics Teacher Zorica Lloyd and MYP Coordinator Lisa Maren Thompson planned and implemented a Learning Walk together. They visited 8th grade classes in four subject areas: Science, Humanities (Individuals and Societies), PHE, and French (Language Acquisition). Their goal was to observe and celebrate our 8th grade Lincoln Learners during the last block of the day on Tuesday, January 22nd, looking for ways students employ the IB approaches to learning and exemplify the IB learner profile attributes. They are also considering new opportunities for Service/Action and/or Interdisciplinary Units for the eighth grade MYP curriculum.

In Science, 8th grade Lincoln Learners were building models of structures designed to withstand earthquakes, a challenge that combines science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. In talking with them, students displayed a commitment to service by finding solutions for safe housing (Caring) and a comfort with persevering (Affective, a Self-Management skill) as scientist-designers.

In French class, Lincoln Learners were learning with enthusiasm (Inquirers) as they worked alone or in small groups to communicate about all sorts of food. Using a dictionary (Information literacy), they were able to choose correct articles depending on the type of fruit or vegetable they were writing about. Monsieur Naccarato drew a lot of smiles when he gave a mini-lesson on how to specify a chocolate flavor as in, "crème glacée au chocolat."

In Humanities, Lincoln Learners were creatively imagining (Creative Thinking, a Thinking skill) what people in the 1500's might say to each other if they used the social media of 2019 to make a point. Using conceptual understanding (Knowledgeable) about germs throughout history, for example, students brainstormed as a group to encourage each other in their efforts.

In Physical and Health Education, Lincoln Learners were focused on improving their basketball dribbling skills and the ability to use their arms to protect the ball, reflecting on individual feedback (Reflection) from their teachers and through observation of their peers (Collaboration).

During Ms. Lloyd and Ms. Thompson's Learning Walk, Lincoln Learners embodied IB learner profile attributes and employed approaches to learning skills in every classroom observed. Way to go, 8th graders! Congratulations, too, to the entire 8th grade faculty team for encouraging these attributes and teaching these skills to each Lincoln Learner, in all subject areas.

Did you know? The IB Learner Profile Attributes and the IB Approaches to Learning skills are practiced and modeled at Lincoln Community School in all three IB programs: PYP, MYP, and DP. Read more about the IB Continuum at LCS.

This article for "The Link" was written by the MYP Coordinator and is the second of a five-part series spotlighting each grade level of the Middle Years Program (MYP, Grades 6-10) with a focus on core components of the MYP.