Model United Nations JoMUN XVI 2018

There are certain events that you know you can never forget; experiences and moments
that make you proud. JoMUN XVI was certainly one of them and I know for sure that I will
remember the experience for years to come.

On the 26th of September, 2018 Mr. Anagnost and I took 17 delegates to Johannesburg for
the 16th Johannesburg Model United Nations Conference popularly known as JoMUN. It
was a great experience. We were in 6 out of the 9 Fora. We won 6 awards.

Our seventeen delegates made us so proud; talented, eloquent, articulate and confident.
Walking away with five awards for best delegates in Human Rights Commission,
Disarmament, Ecosoc, General Assembly, and Advisory Panel. To crown it all, we won the
overall best delegate.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all delegates and the Secretary General
Tuka Alsoufi who has led the largest number of delegates to an MUN conference. I would
also like to thank the Secretariat; Tomas, Carlotta, Anthony, Rijul, Justin and Jonathan for
their hard work.

Miss Jackson and Mr. Anagnost, MUN Directors

Summary/ Highlights/ Quotes from some of our Delegates

Shivv Jagtiani, Delegate of Djibouti in the General Assembly 4
This was my first ever Model United Nations international conference and I had no idea what to expect. I was the
youngest and the least experienced delegate on this trip. Regardless of this I wanted to make sure that my first
conference would be memorable. Winning Best Delegate of GA 4 was a great achievement and the proudest
moment thus far. A lot of us won honorable mentions and best delegate awards. LCS truly smashed the bar at
JoMUN and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Tuka Alsoufi, Delegate of Myanmar in the Security Council
As Secretary General, I have never been prouder to lead such a distinguished and diplomatic group of delegates. I
joined LCS MUN last year and only eight people travelled on the trip. This year we travelled with 17 delegates and
collected awards and honorable mentions in every committee we were placed in. Every day, I am prouder of
everyone in MUN and I am so glad that the final international conference I will ever attend was this successful.

Rebekka Udsholt, Delegate of Rwanda in Human Rights Council
The JoMUN XVI experience was one that challenged me, increased my confidence, and allowed me to
comprehend the delicate nature of International Relations in finding solutions to issues of global
importance. As a delegate in the Human Rights Council, I was proud to be among the students from LCS
who were awarded best delegate and I believe the close friendships and teamwork we developed and
exhibited were central to our success at the conference.

Rijul Gupta, Delegate of France in the Economic and Social Council
This experience was certainly an unforgettable one. I was able to finally achieve productive debate and
lobbying sessions with my fellow delegates, and I knew how to debate certain things and how to react to
others. This knowledge enabled me to weave between different topics of debate, and I knew how to sway
debate in my favor. I am proud to be one of the delegates representing Lincoln Community School who
have had the honor of being awarded best delegate. What a time!

Sebastian Englisch, Delegate of France in the General Assembly 4
This was my second international conference, as well as the greatest one yet. This experience was one of
the best I have had and will forever be remembered. JoMUN XVI was challenging, new and more than
anything unique. Together with my fellow delegates I was able to achieve new goals, learn new things and
make great memories. I was made aware of various global issues and the importance of international
relations, as well as finding solutions to those issues. Together with students from other international
schools in Africa

Javier Villegas Rico, delegate of Burundi in the Disarmament Committee
This trip shall remain as one of the most exciting and unforgettable schools trips I've had the privilege to
be a part of. Being able to debate with students from different African countries was a great experience
that I cherish very much, and I had a lot of fun doing so. I'm proud to be part of one of the best selection
of delegates LCS has ever sent to JOMUN, as we won 6 awards in 6 committees, and I hope LCS continues
to participate in such a fun conference such as JOMUN.

Best Delegates
General Assembly - Shivv Jagtiani
Advisory Panel - Yajas Maholtra
Human Rights Commission - Rebekka Udsholt
Economic and Social Council - Rijul Gupta
Disarmament Commission - Jonathan Knight
The Overall Best Delegate came from the Security Council - Tomas Dias Piva Imparato