William Hanagan – Bill joins us next school year as our New Director of Student Services and will be accompanied by his wife Gail. Bill and Gail have two grown up

daughters who live in Boston, USA their home country. Bill's career in education spans over 30 years starting as a Counselor in Lakeside School,Peabody, Massachusetts, USA. From there he went on to serve in various other state-side schools in roles such as school Social Worker, Counselor and Psychologist.

Bill's international career began at the Singapore American School where he served for 12 years as Middle School Counselor and School Psychologist. Bill joins us from the International School of Beijing, China where he has been serving as Director of Student Support Services since 2012.

Bill is a US National Certified School Psychologist and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science from the Westfield State University, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA and a Master of Education in Counseling and School Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. In addition to this, Bill holds a certificate in advanced graduate studies in school psychology also from the University of Massachusetts and a certificate in clinical neuropsychology from the Fielding Institute, New York, USA.

Almudena Martinez Fesser and Andres Cassinello Martinez De Tejada – are both Spanish nationals who are coming to us from the Woodstock International School in India. Almu and Andres will be joining our Foreign Language Department as MYP Spanish Teacher and MYP French Teacher respectively. Holder of a bachelor's degree in

Psychology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain,

Almudena currently serves as MYP Spanish Teacher and IGCSE Spanish Teacher. Prior to her teaching career, Almu also served as a freelance children and youth specialist, counselling and supporting children and adolescents regarding confidence, self-esteem, social skills, study habits and motivation.

Andres also currently serves as a MYP Spanish and French Teacher. Andres holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the Universidad San Pablo, CEU, and Madrid, Spain. According to Andres, he had the opportunity to live in a number of foreign destinations growing up such as Belgrade, Cairo, and Brussels. These varied cultural experiences enhanced his desire to learn new languages, appreciate various cultures and drive his passion to serve in multicultural academic environments. Outside the classroom, Andres is an avid sports person. He has completed 9 half marathons and 2 full marathons. Andres is also a cross country trainer and enjoys coaching soccer.

Virginie David –will join our Foreign Languages Department as High School / Middle School French Teacher. Originally from France, Virginie comes to us from the Mill Hill School, London where she has served as their high school French teacher for almost 9 years. Previously, Virginie served at the Copthall School, London as the head of the German Department, French teacher, and German teacher.

Virginie holds a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Toulouse, France. Virginie holds a certificate in translation from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and a postgraduate certificate in education from the University of Southampton, UK.

Ngozi Marcia Max – Macarthy - Ngozi is a Sierra Leonean national and is one of

two Interns hired for next school year. Ngozi will serve in our Advancement Department as our Communications Officer next school year. Ngozi currently serves at the Achievement First Crown Heights

Elementary School in New York, USA as an elementary classroom teacher, grades 1 and 3. Ngozi has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy, Education from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and a Master's in Teaching (Elementary Education) from Relay Graduate School of Education in New York, USA.

Tim Steadman–will serve next year as the Elementary School Counselor. Tim joins our school community with his wife Karen and their two children Ari, aged 5 years and Adele, aged 2. Originally from the US, Tim has lived and worked internationally in the UK, Singapore, New Zealand, and will be joining us from the American Embassy School in New

Delhi, India where he completed a two-year internship as a Middle School and Elementary School Counselor. Tim has a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business Administration from Elon University, North Carolina, USA and a Master of Arts Degree in School Counseling from Adams State University, Colorado, USA. Tim is a US National Certified Counselor as well as a certified mindfulness curriculum teacher.

Marina Gijzen and Francis Morin – With over thirty years of experience in education, fourteen of which were in PYP schools, Marina will be our new Elementary School

Principal. Currently Marina serves as the Elementary School Principal and PYP Coordinator at Nanjing International School in China. Marina has previously served as a Lead Teacher, Mathematics Coordinator, and Classroom Teacher in schools in Bonn, Germany; Baku, Azerbaijan; Sanaa, Yemen; and in her native Canada. Marina is engaged in continuous professional development, including the Principals' Training Course, the Reggio Approach in Early Years, inquiry-based workshops, and Next Frontier Courses on inclusion in schools. Marina holds a Bachelor of Arts in French and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan.

Francis will serve as a Technology Innovator/Coach and a Design Teacher next school year. Francis is currently an IB MYP Design Teacher at Nanjing International School, China where they have lived for the last 9 years. Prior to this, Francis worked in international schools in Germany, Azerbaijan, and Yemen as a Technology Coordinator and Design Teacher, Curriculum leader, a Humanities, ICT, Primary and PE Teacher. Before Francis's international career he served as a School Principal and Distance Education Coordinator at the Saskatchewan Division Scolaire Francophone in Canada. Francis holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science from Université du Québec á Montréal and a Certificate in Education from Université de Montréal. Francis currently coaches the varsity badminton and table tennis teams.

This will be Marina and Francis's first year in a long time without children at home. Their three daughters are living in Ontario, Canada, their home country attending university and/or working. Marina and Francis will come to Accra with their black Labrador, Blou. Francis looks for challenges in racquet sports and golf while Marina appreciates and is energized by long walks and is inspired by reading. Both love to camp in the Canadian wilderness.

William Pamperin and Pauline Despas - Both American Nationals will joinour school community next school year in the capacity of high school DP math teacher and Spanish/French teacher respectively.William and Pauline will be joining us with their two daughters Clovis, who will soon be 5 years old, and Lothaire who is almost two.

William's international school experience spans over 9 years and currently he serves at the Stothoff International School as IB MYP and DP Math Teacher. Prior to this position he served in the same capacity at the Busan International Foreign School, the American School of Bombay as middle school math teacher and also at the Casablanca American School as IB math /technology teacher. Will holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and TEFL Certification from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA. He also holds an American Board of Certification for Teaching Excellence in Math. Will sponsors his school's MUN extra-curricular activity and in his free time he enjoys running, cycling, kitesurfing and video games.

Pauline also previous taught at Busan International Foreign School, South Korea where she served as MYP Spanish teacher. Like Will she also spent time at the American School of Bombay, India teaching IB Spanish AB initio, French, and providing ESL support to Social Studies. Before working in Bombay, Pauline teaching career included teaching French and serving as head of department at the Casablanca American School, Morocco, teaching Spanish at the Bandung International School, Indonesia and teaching Spanish and serving as deputy boarding-school housemistress for the Royal Russell School, England. Pauline holds a Bachelor's degree in in Spanish and Third World Development form the University of East London and a Master's degree in English from the Université de Lorraine, France. Pauline is also an IB examiner.

Keith Wasserman and Danielle Dittmer – Keith and Daniel are American

Nationals and join our faculty next school year with their children Helina (5) and Asnake (3) . They will serve in the capacity of high school English teacher and middle/high school learning support teacher respectively. Keith joins us with over 20 years' experience starting from

the Jefferson Junior High School in Washington DC. Keith began his international career with 3 years at the American School of Brasilia, Brazil where he taught high school English. Keith also served at the Lincoln School in Costa Rica, the Kaohsiung American School, Taiwan, and the American School Foundation Monterrey, Mexico teaching predominately AP English Language and Literature. Currently Keith serves at the Walworth Barbour American International School, Israel where, for 9 years, he has taught AP English, composition, journalism, creative writing and has supervised senior project. Keith holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in British Literature.

Danielle has also been teaching for over 20 years, and began her teaching career at Paularino Elementary School, Newport Beach, California where she served as a kindergarten teacher and grade 1 teacher. She also worked at the Newport Heights Elementary School, Newport Beach California as a Grade 2 and 3 classroom teacher before commencing her international school career at the American School of Brasillia, Brazil, serving as grade 7 English teacher and elementary school reading specialist. In 2004 she moved to the Shanghai American School in China where she held roles as grade 5 classroom teacher and the elementary school summer school vice principal. Subsequently, Danielle also worked at the Americana School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico as a resource teacher and grade 4 child study teacher. Currently Danielle works at the Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel as their literacy coach, resource teacher, language arts coordinator and classroom teacher. Danielle holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development from the California State University, Fullerton, USA and a Master of Science Degree in

Education Reading from the same university. In addition, Danielle hold certifications in Reading and Language Arts and ELL.

Estibaliz González – Born in Spain, Estibaliz will teach her mother tongue in the high school next year. Estibaliz's international school experience spans more than 16 years with a broad range of experiences. She has held roles as an IGCSE Supply Teacher in London, a Pre-K – grade 6 Spanish teacher at the Sunland Baptist Academy School, Freeport, Bahama, served in various capacities as an elementary, middle school and IGCSE/IB Spanish teacher at the United World College of South East Asia, Singapore, and taught IB Spanish at the Ruamrudee International School in Bangok, Thailand.

Currently Estibaliz teaches IB and MYP Spanish at the Kaohsiung American School, Taiwan. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in languages from the University of the Basque County, Spain, and an MA in translation from the University of Westminster, London. In addition, Estibaliz also holds certifications in linguistics from the University of the Basque and holds teaching certifications in the United Kingdom and Spain. Outside the classroom Estibaliz is a certified Pilates instructor and enjoys yoga, skiing, surfing and trekking among many other outdoor sports.

Mike Perry – Mike will be our new band teacher. An educator with over 35 years' experience, Mike enjoyed a career in public schools in his native USA as well as a number of international schools around the world. He currently serves as band teacher at the International School of Prague, Czech Republic. Previously, Mike served for 5 years at the American School Bucharest, Romania.

During his time at ASB, Mike initiated and taught the IB Music program and chaired their Creative Arts program. Mike's career has also taken him to the American International School of Bombay, Mumbai, India – where he taught IB music and developed a student jazz band – and the American School of Asunción, Paraguay, where he served as Music Department Chair, developed a jazz improvisation/combo program and initiated the school's first involvement in an international music festival.

Cassandra (Cassie) O'Brien and Patrick O'Brien - Both originally from the United States, Cassie and Patrick will join our high school math and middle school English departments (respectively). Cassie joins us with over 14 years' experience as a

teacher, and is currently serving at the Colegio Nueva Granada, Bogotá, Colombia as a middle school math coach, math teacher, and math department coordinator. Previously, Cassie taught mathematics at the King's Academy, Jordan, the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, San Francisco, California, and the Youth Empowerment School in Oakland, California. Cassie holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina and a Master's in Education from Alliant International University, San Diego, California. In her free time Cassie enjoys scuba diving hiking, cooking and community service.

Patrick brings over 14 years' experience as an educator and, like Cassie, is also currently serving at the Colegio Nueva Granada, Bogotá, Colombia where he teaches middle school media, humanities and language arts and high school English. Previously, Patrick taught English at the King's Academy, Jordan, the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, San Francisco, California (where he served as English

teacher, Reading Intervention, and Literacy Events Coordinator). Patrick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature form Hofstra University, Long Island, New York, and a Master of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies from SUNY, Buffalo, New York.

Young Jae Chang - Young has called Korea, California, China, and Boston, MA

home, and will join LCS as the second of our two Interns next school year. Young has worked at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, USA as an International Admissions Counselor, and has served as a counseling intern in various capacities since 2016.

Currently Young serves at the Newton North High School as a counseling intern where she will be remain until she graduates from the Lynch Graduate School of Education at Boston College. Young will work in our counseling office next year.