Operation Smile

The OPERATION SMILE CLUB once again was able to support another International
medical mission in Ho, Volta region (April 25-May 3)

We sent to 2 HS student volunteers: Jisoo Han and Sakshi Suman, both 9th
graders to work together with 4 other international students from South Africa
and USA. At this crucial period of the semester, they willingly gave up two
school days to help out wherever possible. CAS Coordinator Eric Boateng
went along as their Student Programs sponsor.

Usually we support the Child Care unit where we do lots of play with children
who are screened and being prepared for surgery. This practice helps to
distract the children from boredom, anxiety and fear as they face all sorts of
unfamiliar environment and faces.

Apart from this, Jisoo and Sakshi found themselves doing all sorts of things
from sharing folders, ushering patients, conveying mattresses, carrying children,
talking with mothers and doing all sorts of errands.

The club also donated 6000 Ghana cedis from funds raised to support the
surgery of 2 children. Overall it was a well earned experiential experience
like no other.

Summary/ Highlights/ Quotes

We got the amazing opportunity to go to Ho, Volta, to help out with operation smile. We
were there from Friday the 26 of April to Monday the 29th. We spent a lot of time helping
out at the hospital, taking care of children, helping take pictures, helping guide patients
and a lot more.

This was a very new experience which has inspired me to be part of more organizations
like Operation Smile, not just by donating money but by also helping out as volunteers.
Until now I only heard about the statistics of the patients that operation smile helped,
but during this experience I got to see the patients and even connect with some of them.
This experience made all the statistics real.

The feeling of helping these patients was a feeling that cannot be described, and I am very
glad to have been able to be part of this wonderful experience. This not only is a touching
experience but also has taught me a lot. From photography to working with new people to
surgeries, I've gotten to know more about all of these areas, and I am very grateful that I
could be part of this mission, and would like to be part of more in the future, and would
encourage others to do so as well. -
Sakshi Suman