Our LCS PTO: Activities in Service to our Community

Ever wondered what it is the PTO really does at LCS? I know as a newer
parent at Lincoln Community School, and a new member of the PTO, I
had this same question and now that I have gotten myself more involved,
my oh my, am I finding out—just wow, what a tremendous amount of
support they offer to our students, teachers, staff and fellow parents!

As per usual, the PTO has been busy this year. We just wrapped up our
annual LCS-PTO Bazaar on Saturday, November 23rd and thanks to a
great deal of support from our volunteer members, parents, teachers,
staff and students, we were able to once again generate the funds needed
to pull off all the programming we have planned for the year to come as
well as drive a little momentum into the local economy. Literally, hundreds
of hours of time and goodwill have been put into all the events that have
taken place this year and we hope to involve you in more to come! In finally
sitting down for a minute to reflect as a group, and in the spirit of
Thanksgiving, I figured, there is no better time to say 'Thanks!' to our
PTO members—Astha Singh, Borbala, Szemerszki, Michal Lewy,
Ciara Kouao-Bile, Reachelle Beasley, Anu Jain, Esther Takyi-Yeboah,
Maya Sivan, and Revital Alon—and the rest of our Room/Grade Parent
community who have helped us pull of such a tremendous amount of
programming this year!

  • PTO Contributions to-date to go on App
  • Welcome Brunch @ Asthas's
  • PD Appreciation Cookies for ES Teachers
  • Room Parent Brunch @ Maya's
  • Shelves donated in Library
  • ES Party Supply Gift
  • Oct Coffee w/ Principals
  • HS Survey & Pizza Lunch
  • MS Brownie Treats
  • HS Breakfast
  • ES & MS Halloween Party @ Coco Lounge
  • Nov Coffee w/ Katie on Technology Use
  • Grade 6 Moms hosted @ Astha's
  • LCS-PTO Bazaar (including CAS hours for kids & NHS support)
  • Drinks donated for PE Leadership to sell at Panto
  • ES Treats for 3-5th graders
  • Dec Coffee – Celebrations Around the World
  • Grade 8 Mom's Gathering

And, if I can give a little plug—we are busy bees at work again,
planning to prepare for this year's International Festival Day and
would love to see you all join us for the fun! Stay tuned for more
information about this year's theme which will be announced following
Tuesday, December 3rd's Coffee morning—and if you are feeling so
inclined, consider giving a little of your time as well and join us, your
country rep, and your kids in celebrating our school and all of our
cultures together, on Saturday, February 22nd. Anyone interested in
being involved as a country rep, or really just interested in helping to
join us for any other future programming, should reach out to us and
we'll get you plugged in; the more the merrier, we say!

Thank you for your continued support,

Ciara & PTO Team