Personal Project Retreat

On Monday, August 26th, grade 10 students spent the day in the library
learning about the MYP culminating assessment, the Personal Project.
Led by Ms. Amber Rhinehart, the new PP Coordinator at LCS, and Ms.
Lisa Thompson, the MYP Coordinator, students reviewed the purpose,
format and expectations of the project.

The Personal Project allows students to demonstrate their ability to
connect and transfer the extensive skills, knowledge and understandings
they have acquired in one or more of their MYP disciplines to a global
context, in order to achieve a meaningful goal of their own design.
This project prepares students for success in the IB Diploma Programme
by introducing them to the challenges of independent work, in which
self-motivation is essential. The extensive research required by the
project and the presentation of an academic report both provide an
introduction to the rigor and skills expected in the DP Extended Essay.

Students reviewed areas of inspiration of the project, intensely studied
the MYP Global Contexts, moderated a sample of the final report, and
began to plan their own projects.

Story by Ms. Rhinehart