"RIGHT TO LIGHT" Shares Its Radiance

Right to Light is a student-led initiative that empowers young Ghanaian
students by giving them solar lights produced by ourselves using recycled
batteries from a local e-waste dump. The building of the light is an ongoing
and ever-growing process, with constant updates to the design with the
help of feedback received from students we distribute to free of charge.

The overall idea of this project originates from the desire to help people
transform the wasteful elements in the environment around them into viable
solutions with the potential to improve the livelihood of hundreds of citizens
in Ghana who don't have access to electricity. Our objective is to transmit the
passion of social services and entrepreneurial engineering to the Lincoln
Community, and better the overall educational system outside of Accra.

Right To Light has been nominated for the AISA (Association of International
Schools in Africa) Outstanding Service Project Award. We would be honored
to be recognized for our mission to transform Ghana into a more sustainable
and environmentally-conscious society. We were also accepted to The Genius
Olympiad in New York (SUNY, Oswego) to exhibit our project and to represent
the Ghanaian mission of sustainability.

To enhance this idea within our community, we plan on opening up a Right
to Light club in the High School in the year 2019-2020 with the purpose of
enabling students to experience what engineering in the real-world looks
like, and to broaden the reach of the project to local schools by sharing this
experience. We believe that all students around the world have a right to light!

Right to Light members: Rijul Gupta (Leader), Gabriel Fanchini, Dhruv Daswani &
Anthony Mensah - Grade 11