TEDx Lincoln Youth

Dear LCS Community,

I am Ann Safo, a senior in the graduating class of 2021.

For the next few months, I will be regularly communicating
with the LCS community concerning our upcoming TEDx
Lincoln Youth virtual conference to be held on Friday the
15th of January, 2021.

Just like our first LCS Speaks conference, the upcoming
conference is entirely student-driven— with the supervision
of a single member of staff.

The spirit of TEDx Lincoln Youth is similar to that of LCS speaks
with a few enhancements brought about by our efforts to embody
the ideals of TED.

A little bit about LCS Speaks:

Our main theme was Paradigm Shift, and we focused on encouraging
attendees to reconsider pre-convictions about the world of work
and business, learning and education, mindfulness and interpersonal

TED prides itself on propagating 'ideas worth spreading'. On the 15th,
in keeping with these ideals, TEDxLincoln Youth is going to provide
thought-provoking insights into the topic of 'cultivating identity'—the
main theme of the conference.

In my next few articles, I will elaborate on what cultivating identity means
to the team— collectively and individually.

Let's meet the great minds behind this conference!

  1. Sandeepa Das, Grade 12: Co-founder and Administrator|
    Sandeepa believes that women are key drivers in all sectors of
    a nation and one of the key indicators of future progress is our
    present ability to empower women.

  1. Gregory Pruss, Grade 12: Co-founder and Administrator

Greg believes that diplomatically addressing the issues of miscommunications
that lead to conflict at a smaller, more personal level is key to national
and global advancement.

  1. Ann Safo, Grade 12: Lincoln Link Writer

Ann believes in equipping everyone with the resources they need to be
able to meaningfully contribute their skills and abilities to the community.

  1. Lise Fanchini, Grade 10: Design Team Leader

Lise believes that with the rise of new technologies and communication
platforms, it is key to perceive how we use them to unify us, rather than
shatter the ideologies of others.

  1. Arushi Aditi, Grade 10: Co-Publicity Leader

Arushi believes that one of the biggest problems we need to overcome is
our mindset as humans as only that can hold us back or cause us to hurt

  1. Minna Stalder, Grade 10: Co-publicity Leader

Minna's decision to go vegetarian is a result of her desire to mitigate
the dire consequences of global warming which, unfortunately, affect the
less fortunate the most.

  1. Nadeem Daswani, Grade 12: Technology Team Leader

Nadeem believes in the power of technology to improve rather than
hinder communication and connection. As a creator, he believes this
is his calling.

  1. Lucia Mamberto, Grade 10: Member

Lucia believes that we need to embrace the differences among us,
rather than use them to justify the oppression and inequity in our

  1. Arnav Nambiar, Grade 12: Member

Arnav would like to see a world in which we listen to one another
rather than being engrossed with our thoughts and ideas. This will
help us form meaningful connections.

  1. Kasia Pruss, Grade 10: Member

Kasia believes that all people should be judged not by factors they
cannot control, but by their beliefs and actions. She would like to
eliminate the prejudice and injustice in our world today.

  1. Jakob Haber, Grade 11: Member

Jakob would like to improve health care in poverty-stricken countries
that cannot afford modernized medical equipment and care.

In the upcoming months, I'll be providing tiny snippets of the amazing
ideas and personalities TEDxLincoln Youth has in store!

If you're interested in having further discussions with me about TEDx
Lincoln Youth or in providing support, please contact me on the email
address below, and we can set up a discussion to see how best we can
utilize your skills, abilities and most importantly, willingness to help!

Ann Safo