TEN Conference 2019

The Teachers Education Network (TEN) held their 11th conference on Saturday,
November 16, 2019 here on our Lincoln Community School campus. More
than 580 Ghanaian teachers from Accra and beyond attended this well
renowned professional conference on teaching and learning.

This year's theme, "Inclusive Learning, Serving Every Child" focused on
'deep dive' workshops to support teaching and learning for all children.
Over 100 members of our LCS community, including teachers and teaching
assistants , as well as support staff, shared their expertise or volunteered
their time to make sure the day was a success for all in attendance. Keynote
speakers included the Deputy Minister of Education and Professor
Esi Sutherland-Addy.

Professor Sutherland-Addy shared deep appreciation and strong praise for
the originators of TEN, as well as the current LCS organizers, Sylvia Ampofo
and Juliette Awua-Kyeremeten. Professor Sutherland-Addy, urged the attendees
to give special attention to children who suffer exclusion due to their social or
economic circumstance. She appealed to the audience by saying, "Those sorts
of children need your special attention; don't discourage them."

Congratulations to our LCS professional community for their time and effort
to share their expertise to raise the level of professional learning that will make
a positive impact on thousands of students from Accra and beyond.