Time with "Village of Hope" Friends.

For CAS Service clubs trips, we began the second semester with the Village of Hope Orphanage club. The plan was to continue with our tutoring program in Math and English. A latest addition was artwork. We brought along worksheets and coloring pencils.

So our VoH friends were divided into 3 groups for each of the subjects and rotated at 15 minute intervals. It was great fun switching between groups as some were reluctant or eager to move depending on interests.

Gradually our friends are gaining confidence as we interact and share ideas. They are just like us with dreams, challenges and aspirations but because of disadvantaged backgrounds, life seems to a different ball game. Imagine living off the streets all your life? However they see themselves as fortunate to get the opportunity (that others like them don't have) to learn a vocational skill offered by their school.

To crown the day, was the the sharing of edible and non edible gifts to each boy and girl. A parent had graciously donated them as new year presents