WAISAL Basketball 2020

Basketball WAISAL 2020 was overall a great experience, even though our
girls team lost finals by one point... it was an amazing tournament full of
sportsmanship. Nonetheless, the friendships that were made, the activities
that were held, the trip to Goree Island, and the basketball tournament as a
whole, made up for the disappointing loss. The spirit at the tournament was
electric, making the basketball games more entertaining and intense for both
the players and the audience.

The International School of Dakar did a great job with organizing the
tournament schedule, and I especially enjoyed that it was a 3 day tournament
rather than 2 days. On the more technical side of things, the live stream was
highly looked upon by friends and family watching at home, and it was also
great having a commentator.

On Sunday, LCS and ASD had the oppourtunity to visit Goree Island off the
coast of Dakar, which was known for its role in the 15th-19th century Atlantic
slave trade. The island was absolutely gorgeous, filled with such inspiring
history. Following our trip to Goree Island, LCS returned to ISD and spent
the remainder of the evening at the school before heading off to the airport
at 2am. The night was full of games, pizza and sleeping.

Overall, WAISAL in Dakar was a great experience that allowed a great
opportunity for new friendships to flourish. Can't wait for next season!

Let's go Lions!

WAISAL Basketball 2020 was an unforgettable experience. Travelling to
Dakar, Senegal was unique and turned out to be one of my favorite WAISAL's.
Heading back to my home country of Senegal was not only special, but what
made it even better was the fact that I came to play basketball.

Throughout the tournament, both Boys and Girls had wins and losses but
one similarity between both LCS teams was passion and drive. We gave it
our best on and off the court and that's what made this WAISAL special.

I couldn't be more proud of my Lincoln Lions! After the basketball tournament,
heading to Gorée Island proved to be a powerful and fun trip for all of us.
Looking back at this WAISAL makes myself and all of my fellow teammates
and LCS Lions smile. This was truly a sensational experience throughout the
whole time, and we DEFINITELY made lots of memories on this trip that we
will never FORGET.

I cannot wait for the next basketball season and all the experiences it has for us.