Alumnus Lana Captan

Alumnus Lana Captan

Lana Captan has a long connected history to
Lincoln Community School. Lana attended LCS
from 1977-1981; she also worked in the Advancement
Office in 2013. She is currently a successful
entrepreneur here in Ghana, and a business member
of our Loyalty Card program.

Lana shared that she has had a "diverse career
trajectory" and through those experiences, learned
a lot about herself. She started her career as a
journalist, worked for the UN, has been an editor
and has worked in Public Relations.

She was also a teacher of Journalism at her alma mater. Following all of that unique work
experience, she started exploring her entrepreneurial interests. Lana shared, "Life is a continuous
adventure. Explore your loves to discover what you don't like, be brave and don't be afraid of
change or hardship."

Lana with the advancement team.

Lana shared that "even though being an entrepreneur can be really tough" she
has been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures since moving back to Accra
in 2011. She is a partner in P4 Pilates, Ghana's only fully equipped Pilates studio,
opened Theia, a cultural community space/cafe with her husband, and while working
in the family business, transformed her family's weekend beach house into The C
Resort in New Ningo-Prampram. Her cultural and community space and cafe, Theia,
reflects her passion for community building which she says was instilled in her as a
student at LCS.

Pilates Studio

Her most vivid memories of her time at LCS include playing baseball and trick or
treating. However, she credits her international mindedness and sense of community
to the "excellent international education" she received while an LCS student.

Her advice, "Don't do anything you aren't totally passionate about."

Thank you, Lana for sharing your passions, advice, and LCS memories.