Celebrating Student Work

This month has seen the culmination of a number of student projects among all divisions. These projects have then been presented to peers and parents alike with great success. Students at LCS are a constant source of inspiration and we would like to take this opportunity to highlight a  few of the exhibitions from this month.

Grade 10 Personal Project

Early in the month the Grade 10 students held an exhibition presenting their personal projects. The students themselves came up with the concepts, researched them and then developed the projects. The range of projects illustrated the diversity we are fortunate to have here at Lincoln Community School. Just a few of the personal projects included a model for a skateboard park, a cook book with samples to taste, a photography instructional website and many business ideas in full swing. All the students were articulate and passionate about their projects which was a joy to be part of.

Grade 11 Theory of Knowledge Exhibition.

Not to be outdone, the Grade 11 students also had an exhibition of their own. This was the culmination of their work in the Theory of Knowledge class where they looked at knowledge and how information can be presented from different perspectives. The problems of fake news and misinformation were strong themes from this year's class.


March 27th was a particularly big day at LCS with three big projects on display:

Firstly, parents of Grade 7 students were invited to a science fair where students displayed their scientific projects. The theme was on energy and the environment so displays including many hydro electric mills, solar ovens and wind turbine generated energy. Then it was the turn of Grade 3 parents to delight in the Learning Celebration about Significant People. Grade 3 students dressed up as significant figures in history or from today and were interviewed by each other about their life stories and why they made a difference. Finally, a fitting culmination to a day of the celebration of student work ended with the Senior Class IB Art Exhibition, Énouement. Our seniors and our new art teacher. Ms. Fernandez had to face the challenge of a new teacher in the middle of the DP program but both parties rose to this challenge brilliantly producing a fantastic display of skill and creativity.