Honoring Longevity Milestones: 20 Years of Service at LCS

Wisdom. Knowledge. Experience.  It’s safe to say that the six 20 year veterans, recognized at our end of year ceremony, possess these qualities. If you are in need of a walk down memory lane, stop and chat with any of these LCS staff who can reminisce with you,  sharing their personal stories covering 20 years of LCS history:

Heena Vaswani, MS teacher; Woenya Agboh, HS teacher; Harriet Erskine, ES TA; Rebecca Elisha, ES TA; Stanley Adjei Adjowerh-Nortey, ES TA; and Emelia Oware, Finance Officer.  Thank you to these esteemed LCS staff members for their commitment to the students, colleagues, and families of the LCS community.  Congratulations to each of you on your 20 years of service at Lincoln Community School.  Here is what they had to say.

Heena Vaswani

"Two decades of joyful teaching and learning journey at LCS" says Mrs. Heena Vaswani. She had no count on how this happened so quickly. Her daily mantra is "Live in the moment and ensure each person in the community is taking at least one happy moment home after a day at school'. She believes educating the mind and heart go hand in hand.

She is thankful to "Mother Ghana" for protecting her family and the community during this difficult time of uncertainty and ensuring that they are all safe and healthy.

She appreciates that LCS acknowledges the faculty for its hard work, dedication, and service towards its smooth operation. She will miss members of the community who transition into new jobs & adventures and wishes them well.

LCS congratulates Mrs. Vaswani for receiving the "Long Service Award" this year along with a few of her colleagues who have been at LCS for 20 years.

Woenya Agboh 

Though it’s been two decades, Mr. Agboh says he  can still remember the first day he walked onto LCS campus and  made a solemn promise to himself to work at a place like this, and voila!!! "It's been 20 years !!!!! Phew, what a world we live in; 20 years passed away so quickly. " he exclaimed.

He fell in love with LCS on my first day and he still loves working here. Day in and day out, Mr. Agboh look forward to meeting friends and colleagues, his favorite students, and other community members. He cherish what LCS has added to his life and family. 

The passion that has driven him these 20 years -he says, is the “Joy of Teaching and Learning at LCS”, seeing  students develop and grow to become responsible citizens, and be able to face the world confidently in whatever endeavors they find themselves in. 

Mr. Agboh is thankful to LCS for the opportunity given to him to serve, thank you LCS, administration, faculty, and community members. God Bless!!"

Emelia Oware

There is nothing like having a sense of satisfaction in what one does. It has been an amazing two decades experience working together with all stakeholders (parents, companies and sponsors) on Accounts Receivables.I feel fulfilled when at the end of the school year, I sit back knowing that our most valued stakeholders worked with me to make things happen. This gives me overwhelming joy within as it is obviously not an easy task working hand in hand to collect money. I am grateful to God and to you all.

So much emotional intelligence and attention to detail is required. I must say with all humility that I have been favored to enjoy the goodwill of this cherished group. I’ve engaged many through emails and phone calls. The cordiality and mutual respect in each interaction is enormous. For the many who occasionally pop in just to put a face:) to the name, I’m so thankful.

I couldn’t have made this journey without the tremendous support, understanding and respect from all stakeholders. You make me smile at the end of the year when the work is done! I congratulate you all for sticking with LCS and for supporting us.
I wish and hope for success for your businesses and endeavors so we can continue to thrive in this partnership. Thank you for having me play this role as we educate our truly amazing students. I’m so humbled and proud of your sacrifices.

Stanley Adjei A. Nortey

Before coming to LCS, I used to do business with a company that was next to the school. So anytime I pass by the school, I say to myself how lucky the people who worked there are. Then the opportunity came for me to work as a teaching assistant at LCS.I vividly remember the day I set foot on the campus in 2000 for my evaluation before I was confirmed to start in 2001. 

I was happy inside me, for being able to interact with the students and the teachers. By then I had finished my computer software and hardware course so I was a saviour to most of the teachers since IT was new to most of the teachers. I was loved by everyone because I was open to all and a problem solver.
Time really flies very fast.  I really can’t believe it has been 20 years. The school has really changed over the last two decades and I am happy to be part of the successes that the school has been through. I would not be able to do this without the help and support of colleagues I came to meet and those who came to meet me.

I wish and hope for success for the years ahead and  I want to say a big thank you to everyone at LCS for helping  me play my part as we educate our truly amazing students. 

Harriet Eskine


I cannot believe it has been two whole decades with this community. Two decades of cherished memories and a sense of belonging. I couldn’t be more thankful to colleagues, most of whom have become friends and family for making twenty years pass by so quickly.

I am thankful for this role of helping to see students grow in a loving and supportive environment.I hope the years ahead will be more exciting and fruitful as we continue to learn.

Rebecca Elisha

Wow!!! 20 years and it looks like it was yesterday. Time flies so fast. A lot has happened and I am so grateful. My life or journey for the past 2 decades at LCS has given me great opportunities, experiences and lots to learn. 

I have worked with different teachers throughout the years and this has really exposed me to learn different teaching skills and how to collaborate with other teaching teams.  

What brings me joy to my profession is the students, seeing them everyday and also every year working with new groups of students. I always welcome them to class in the morning  with a great smile, seeing them smile back makes my day. Being able to work with students and help to meet their academic, social and emotional needs and most importantly seeing students being enthusiastic about their learning gives me great satisfaction .

The LCS environment has to a large extent helped me improve professionally. Having the opportunity to attend seminars, and other professional workshops   has increased my love and joy of teaching.

Thank you LCS for giving me this great opportunity to be part of this great family.