Dr. Dennis Larkin Recipient

Dr. Dennis Larkin Recipient

The First Dr. Dennis Larkin Scholarship Recipient
Continues to Shine.

Carolyn Asante Dartey, our first DDL scholarship
awardee, completed the LCS DP program with
outstanding results, graduating in 2019. Carolyn
had an opportunity to attend many top schools, but
chose to attend Stanford University where she is now
in her second year and continues to make an impact.

Through the generosity of community members like you and friends of LCS, The
Lincoln Fund/ Dr. Dennis Larkin Scholarship*, supports two scholarships yearly
for local students living in Accra to participate in the Diploma Program.

The Lincoln Fund and the Dr. Dennis Larkin Scholarship, supports superior local
students, like Carolyn. Please, support a student's tomorrow, today.

Our scholarship students greatly appreciate your meaningful and generous support
which makes a difference in their future and the future of Lincoln Community School.

* The Dr. Dennis Larkin Scholarship was established by a group of LCS parents in
2016 to honor retiring Head of School, Dr. Dennis Larkin. Dr. Larkin moved on in
June, 2016 to retire after serving as Head of School at Lincoln Community School
for seven years. Through his service at the school he oversaw the hiring of highly
qualified teaching staff, growth in enrollment and expanded facilities and solidified
Lincoln Community School's reputation as a premier international school in


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