Grade 10 MYP Personal Project Exhibition 2022

by Amber Rhinehart, MYP Coordinator

The Personal Project is the culminating assessment of the IB Middle Years Programme. Over the course of Year 5, students engage in rigorous inquiry, research and action in order to achieve a learning and product goal of their own design.

The Personal Project allows students to demonstrate their ability to connect and transfer the extensive skills, knowledge and understandings they have acquired in one or more of their MYP disciplines, in order to achieve a meaningful goal of their own design.

The project prepares students for success in the IB Diploma Programme by introducing them to the challenges of independent work, in which self-motivation is essential. The extensive research required by the project and the presentation of an academic report provide an introduction to the rigor and skills required by the DP Extended Essay.  

       The personal project is an opportunity for students to:


  • explore an interest that is personally meaningful
  • take ownership of their learning by undertaking a self-directed inquiry


  • transfer and apply skills in pursuit of a learning goal and the creation of a product


  • recognize and evidence personal growth and development.

Our students were able to share their learning with the greater LCS community of students, staff, parents, and friends and celebrate their achievements during the Personal Project Exhibition. They shared their learning of basic first aid skills, creative writing, fashion, film-making, recycled clothes, creating a football league and so many more diverse and interesting projects. 

I want to thank Michael Dzorkpata and all of his work and efforts leading the Personal Project as coordinator these last two years. We wish him all the best in Japan.