HRC-Rwanda Project

HRC-Rwanda Project

In March a group of students, teachers and a parent visited Rwanda to learn about the 1994 genocide and the remarkable recovery Rwanda has undergone.

During our trip, we visited historical sites and museums, met with survivors and perpetrators, went to a reclamation village and researched all aspects of the genocide.

"Bringing it Home" was our way of sharing these experiences with the Lincoln community.

Mr. Bishop invited us into his 10th-grade classes to present the historical information and share our personal experiences.

We hosted a "Bringing it Home" evening where participants described what they had learned and what it meant to them.

Each participant created an artifact that he/she shared with the community.

The kids led the group in a traditional Rwandan dance.

Thanks to all the parents, LCS staff and administration who supported us and made this trip possible. If you are a high school student (or parent) and you are interested in joining us next year please see Mr. A, Ms. Lloyd or Ms. Fraser for more information.