HS Science Trip

School trips offer unique opportunities for social and emotional growth as we, High School Lincoln students, engage in various collaborative activities. The recent Science trip was evident of this. Our trip included visiting leading capital cities such as London (United Kingdom) and Geneva (Switzerland) and was the first school trip that happened this academic year. 19 lucky students signed up for this memorable trip and three even luckier advisors supervised. 

During the trip, our days and evenings were action-packed from visiting the Science Museum, the historic Kent University to CERN in Geneva. We were also pampered with some relaxed outings such as visiting the enormous Westfield Mall for some well-deserved shopping, bowling, and roller coaster rides. We had ample time to explore the incredible city of London over a few days and soak in local culture, customs, and language either by ourselves or in groups. Such interdependence gave us time to bond with peers and advisors whilst enhancing our interpersonal skills. Many agree that this trip was so much fun because there were so many opportunities to bond and many new friendships were born.Yet, perhaps the most important learning experiences that we gained were real-world exposure, enhanced perspectives, experiential learning, and an opportunity to expand our worldview through cultural growth and personal development. 

Certainly, Lincoln’s culture ensures that learning is optimal because when we learn, we grow: we know from student feedback of this trip that we were offered a unique experience to learn and we are grateful.

We look forward to seeing familiar and new faces at next year’s trip! Lifelong memories guaranteed! 

By: Helen Dalva and Olivia Parham