Interact Club Beach Sweep

On Saturday, April 20th, the LCS Interact Club supported a beach clean-up hosted by Mayekoo, a local organization. Our team of 9 students and 2 teachers joined hands with about 20 other volunteers. The two-hour sweaty exercise took place at the Independence Square beach in the Osu local community. 

The aim of this first service trip was to help support cleaning our local environment while investigating the types of trash and reasons behind the build-up on this stretch of beachfront. 

We braved the contrasting elements of scorching sun and cool sea breeze and worked around the area near the former seat of government, the Christiansborg or Osu castle.

A “treasure trove” of rubber slippers, plastic cups, bottles, wrappers, styrofoam containers, bits of cloth, coconut husks, netting, twigs, and even an animal skull were gathered. A nearby storm drain had also emptied its debris to increase the chaotic mess. Thankfully, a Mayekoo beach cleaning machine supported by raking up additional litter and we left behind a more pleasant sight for sore eyes.

Interact Club plans to continue to work with Mayekoo next school year to find ways to have a longer-lasting impact with reducing, reusing, and recycling trash at our local beaches and waterways. One could add it was also our small but rewarding way of contributing to the celebration of Earth Day.

Eric Boateng, CAS Coordinator 

 Alexis Smith, Student Support and Service Learning Coordinator