International Festival Day 2024

On March 2nd we celebrated International Festival Day at Lincoln Community School.  This year we changed the format slightly to start later in the day.  This was mainly to take advantage of cooler temperatures in the early evening.  However, the additional advantage was the atmosphere created by lighting the field and stage for the performances.  Our KPOP trio, for instance, were true pop stars as the sun went down but that’s not to take away from the many fantastic cultural performances from around the world.  Next year we hope to have more performances to make the event even more special.

Many thanks to the Parent Association for leading the organization of the event.  They worked tirelessly to create a truly special occasion demonstrating our cultural diversity, inclusivity and unity.  Finally, many thanks to all the country managers and parents involved in producing such wonderful food and experiences for our community.  The event could not take place without the contributions of so many thoughtful parents.