LCS goes Green: Plant Project in the Makerspace

The LCS Goes Green plant project in the makerspace is blooming with progress! The initiative to bring more greenery and sustainability to our school environment has taken off in such an exciting way. Students and staff alike have shown a keen interest in participating in this eco-friendly project, contributing to a more vibrant and oxygen-rich atmosphere on campus.

One of the standout features of this project is the creative idea to sew fabric covers for the recycled water dispensers that house the plants. As you walk through campus, you are sure to spot a plant contained in a colorful recycled dispenser.

The sewing process has become a hands-on activity that has brought together individuals from different departments and interests, all united in their commitment to making our school more eco-conscious. The sight of students and staff huddled around sewing machines, carefully stitching together fabric pieces to create beautiful covers for the water dispensers, is a testament to the enthusiasm and creativity that this project has sparked. 

The results of the LCS Goes Green project by Mr. Morin and the LCS Goes Green Taskforce are already evident in the transformation of our school environment. The vibrant greenery and colorful fabric covers have injected new life into the spaces, creating a more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. It is clear that this initiative has not only had a positive impact on the physical environment of our school but also on the sense of pride and unity among our students and staff.



In conclusion, this project serves as a reminder of the power of community and the impact that can be made when individuals come together with a common goal. We look forward to seeing how this project continues to grow and flourish in the future! 

By Ann Addu Darko - Makerspace Assistant