Lion Day - 3

On Tuesday 5th March, LCS had the third Lion Day of the year. This is an off-schedule school day where the whole school comes together around one theme. This Lion Day came during Mother Tongue Week following our International Festival Day (IFD) celebration and coming the day before Ghana celebrated its 67th anniversary of independence. Therefore, it was fitting that the day be dedicated to the culture of our host country, Ghana.

At the beginning of the year each student is paired up as a buddy to another student from a different grade. Each grade is linked with another grade in this process. In this Lion Day the buddy grades joined together and spent time doing specific activities related to Ghana.  These included dance, storytelling, bead making, drumming and games.  Students also rehearsed the great IFD dance challenge and all came together for a great dance-off at the end of the day.  There was also a special visitor on the day in the guise of former International Ghanaian footballer, Derek Boateng.  

Watch out for more highlights of mother tongue week including student language portraits where each student depicts the important languages to them in drawings and interviews.