MISE Junior Challenge 2021

We are excited to celebrate 10 LCS mathletes who competed in this year’s MISE Junior Challenge on 8th May 2021. There were 11 schools from Accra and 162 students participating in the Junior Challenge. The MISE Junior Challenge is an exciting problem solving competition designed to guide younger students toward a lifetime of creative problem solving. 

The MISE Junior Challenge is an exciting annual problem-solving competition designed to cultivate the mathematical capabilities of the next generation of problem solvers. It promotes interests in mathematics by making math achievement as challenging, exciting, and prestigious as a school sport. Competitions like this support our values. For example: Don’t just show me how it’s done. Let me try. 

The level of engagement with mathematics that arises from this problem-solving competition cannot be overemphasized. Involvement in these types of competition provides a transformational experience. Competitions and clubs like MISE are a great way for students to demonstrate our LCS value of: The more we do together, the more we achieve.  In addition, mathletes start building up a portfolio of experiences and activities for their future college applications. This is evident in the number of the MISE program alumni who have won places at every ivy league university in the US plus MIT and Stanford to name a few. 

“It is wonderful that Lincoln Community School continues to participate in the MISE Junior Challenge. This is our fifth consecutive year.  I look forward to seeing how our students continue to grow and develop as problem solvers!” Mrs. Vaswani.

This year's challenge took place in school on Saturday, 8th May.  Participants from other schools across Ghana executed the competition on their respective school campuses maintaining COVID protocols and regulations This year had a unique setting, unlike other years where student exchange was part of the program. 

Congratulations to all our LCS Lincon Learners who participated in this year’s MISE competition. 
Ridaan Peter  and Rensei  have been selected in the National finalist category. Their cumulative score ranked LCS 3rd place out of 11 schools. It was a challenging online test but our students persevered and tried several problem solving strategies to find solutions to solve the questions within a time frame of 50 minutes.

These students will now have the opportunity to compete for the International Mathematical Competition which will be held virtually and being hosted this year by Indonesia. To qualify for the International Mathematics Competition, our students will need to attend a 4 week training and testing camp with coaches from MIT, Princeton and Harvard. In addition, Lincoln Learner, Archi has been selected to participate in the MISE Foundation Informatics/Computational thinking Bootcamp. The bootcamp will take place this summer

For more information about MISE and its mission, visit their page on Facebook: MISE Foundation.

Story by Heena Vaswani