Music Concerts

At the end of November we were treated to a wonderful music concert put on by the Elementary School from Grades 1 - 5.  It is worth noting that this concert was the first one since the start of the pandemic so it was fantastic to see the community coming together to support and enjoy this entertaining event.  Each grade sang a number of songs with some accompanied by instruments.  The culminating performance included all the Grades singing together and was an excellent end to an enjoyable evening.

Not to be outdone by the Elementary School, students from the Middle School and High School came together a week or so later for a band concert.  There were performances from all grades utilizing a wide range of instruments and some from students who had only been learning their instrument for a few short months.  Their performance finished with a few numbers by our talented jazz band supplemented by the dulcet tones of Mr. Waterkotte’s trumpet who had to stand in at the last minute for an ill student.  Two great evenings to end the calendar year!