MYP 6 Science Watermelon Project

by Christian Black-Storm, MYP Science Teacher, Amber Rhinehart, MYP Coordinator

In the 6th grade MYP Science classes, students are participating in a simulation on a watermelon farming project for Ghana.

The unit’s statement of inquiry is: 

By understanding the specialized structures and functions of living things, we can make decisions and take actions for a more sustainable world.

In this simulation, the students have received an invitation from the Ghanaian Ministry of Food and Agricultural to design an investigation that can help the government select the best method to germinate and grow seedlings (the first sprout) of a watermelon. 

By acting as a plant specialist, students are then to design an investigation where the production of this food economically benefits the farmers of Ghana. Students are creating their original research questions in order to create the best growing environment for their watermelon seeds. After presentations to Dr. Robert Ørskov working for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Ghana (Mr. Black-Storm), successful germination projects will be given grants and accepted for further research. The students will then carry out their investigation on campus and closely monitor the development of their investigation. 

This simulation project supports LCS learning principle #1: We believe inquiry optimizes learning.