Personal Project Exhibition 2024

Our LCS Grade 10 students have successfully completed their MYP Personal Projects for the purpose of developing the attributes of the IB learner profile, demonstrating their Approaches to Learning skills, and fostering their development as independent, lifelong learners. They presented courageously at the Exhibition, sharing their stories of successes and challenges with regard to the process of research and the creation of their products. 

Troy Duffield, MYP Personal Project Coordinator


Arshia - The Personal Project required a lot of effort; however, it was a smooth process that taught me how to self-manage my time and stay organized.


Shirish - I learned, through the Personal Project, that self-discipline is difficult to enjoy, but almost always profitable.

Barkot - The Personal Project was an amazing experience that challenged my creativity, discipline, and self-management. It was definitely a stressful process but was very rewarding in the end. 

Naomi - The Personal Project taught me to break down a large, daunting task into smaller manageable steps; I learned a lot about organization and managing my time effectively.

Rom - The Personal Project was an incredible opportunity to explore my interest in dancing, gain new knowledge and express my talent & work hard with my community.

Nathan - The Personal Project taught me self-management & responsibility; I was challenged to overcome falling behind on product deadlines, but I overcame it in the end.

Tehzeeb - I learned how to manage my time…sometimes I struggled to find motivation, but I persevered. I loved the experience; to future 10th graders, just take pleasure in the process.

Sadie - I sewed a pair of shorts that looked like a diaper, but I was able to fix it, and now, it is my favorite thing I have made. Have patience and work with the mistakes you make.

Samaira - I improved my research skills with my project. I have not always been a fan of doing research and taking notes, but researching something I was actually interested in helped me to build on those skills.

Nana Yaw - The Personal Project was indeed a memorable journey. I learned about time management skills and meeting deadlines which gave me a thrill.

Kenyon - Personal Project was an extremely unique experience that allowed me to strengthen my connection with my family and my artistic skills; I had a great time doing it.

Matthew - The Personal Project taught me the importance of organization; a lack of organization would have led to procrastination.