PYP Exhibition 2022

by Jacklyn Nguyen - ES STEAM Teacher/MS Design

One of the grade five students' many goals was to create a learning experience for everybody during their PYP exhibition.  They understood that if you connect with a topic, with knowledge and passion combined, this passionate drive can motivate people to take action! 

This is exactly their central idea: Our interests and passions motivate us to take action.  The three lines of inquiry that guided their work were:

  • A personal interest or passion
  • How we express our passions or interests
  • The action people take inspires others.  

We hope you enjoyed yourself through listening to the grade five experts and you will remember this exhibition because you got to take part in it.  Congratulations to all the grade five students on their process, presentations, and their PYP exhibition.  

Websites/digital presentations to share as a brief highlight of what some of the students created:

Sharon, Noam, Deena, Satoka, Poverty & Hunger:  photos of students delivering the food  to Ms. linda’s car.  They challenged the LCS community to collect on behalf of Ms. Linda to support the Bawjuase orphanage.

Student Reflections: 

Quotes by our students about PYPx

“Some parts of the exhibition preparation was easy and others were hard. It was fun to be creative. The research was hard. Sometimes the questions changed, when they did you had to carry out more research. One new thing I learned is that you need to help poor people as sometimes they do not have what we have.  Our action was collecting and giving food to the orphanage so we are helping others.” – Noam

“I learned that I can take action by recycling, I also learned about what causes ocean pollution. The exhibition was interesting but difficult, especially the research part and organising everything I found. Presenting was hard because you have to present many times, it was also very stressful.”– Noya

“When you finish and present to other people it might help to overcome the shyness. You get to tell people about the hard work you've done with your fun topic.”– Asger

“It is also fun to see people enjoy the topic you have worked hard on. The end is probably the best part. I would love to present it again to parents, I was surprised about what people did not know. I found out about parents who had ADHD. It is also fun to see the experience you've worked hard on”. –Sonia