Student Agency Complimented @ 13th Ten Conference

The Teacher’s Education Network (TEN) comprises LCS educators who share their knowledge of international teaching best practices with teachers employed in local public and private schools. TEN is dedicated to bringing progressive, evidence-based teaching methods to school teachers in Ghana. Over the history of TEN, LCS teachers continue to support over six hundred teachers yearly from Accra and other regions of Ghana. This year's 13th conference has been unique due to the valuable contributions of our students in a number of ways. 

Apart from two students who helped in sorting, packing, arranging materials, running errands, etc, there were four other student panelists and two co-presenters also on board. During the opening address, The Head of School, Lesley Tait, posed these 3 questions to the panelists

  1. When thinking back over your time at Lincoln Community School, what activity or series of experiences has had the greatest impact on you as  a learner? 

  2.  As education and schools change over time, what advice would you give teachers in how they go about the important act of teaching? 

  3. What would you like schools to be like in the future, when your own children are ready to go to school ? 

The responses were inspirational, seasoned and thought provoking. The audience was visibly impressed. They offered rounds of resounding applause in appreciation . For such young people, it was a sense of admiration, pride and honor done to themselves and to LCS. Furthermore, the co- presenters with great success shared their field trip planning experiences at a workshop touching on such ventures.


Here are some reflective takeaways from the students:

TEN was a great experience for me, from serving teachers breakfast and lunch to collecting things back from the workshops. It was nice interacting with the teachers and showing them what was what, and where to find what they needed. I also helped deliver supplies to the teachers organizing the workshops before the TEN conference. Overall, TEN was a good experience. You would enjoy it only if you participate. So, I can't wait to see you there next year!

Nissi Amoa Atta (Grade 9) - Service participant

Taking part in the TEN conference this year was a very rewarding experience. I hadn’t, until then, done public speaking at that scale, which was challenging, but I’m glad I participated. Hearing my peers’ opinions on the future of education was inspiring, and I hope that what comes to Lincoln and to the world as a whole reflects that.

Amin Smith (Grade 10) - Panelist

I had the honor to be  co-presenter in the "The Charm of field trips /excursions" for the TEN conference along with Mr. Boateng  and my fellow classmate Dhruv. We were present to discuss our experience and process in planning a 9th Grade Field Trip. This was not only a great opportunity to share our learning journey with teachers from all over the country but have fruitful discussions regarding field trips. The idea of "student agency" has really been emphasised as a crucial part of this conference, as Dhruv and I were the first students to co-present in 13 years of TEN. We look forward to next year's TEN conference and hope to see more students share their learning journey too! Vrish Bundhun (Grade 9) - Co-presenter Speaking at this year's TEN conference was very rewarding in many ways. In the beginning I had no idea the conference existed but I was very glad to be chosen because I got to learn a lot about teachers all around Ghana and I think this conference is a great way to widen their teaching skills and practices. The student panel I think was a great addition to the opening. With our responses I think it gave the teachers a different outlook on students' lives as we were all different. I think this really helped me grow in my public speaking and communication skills as a student and a person.

Olivia Thompson (Grade 10) - Panelist

Being part of the panel at the TEN conference was such a rewarding experience. It felt incredible to share my insights and perspectives with the 500+ teachers present at the conference, and I'm very happy that my answers were well-received by the teachers. I think we did a great job of bringing a diverse range of viewpoints to the table. One major takeaway for me was the impact of preparation and confidence in conveying my ideas effectively. Talking to the audience and seeing their positive reactions reinforced the value of open dialogue and exchange of ideas. Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the conversation and connect with fellow peers. I look forward to future opportunities to participate in similar discussions and continue learning and growing.

Vansh Bundhun (Grade 10) - Panelist

When I got to school, I looked for Mr Boateng to see where I was needed for the lunch shift. When I found him, I saw everyone around him engaged in what he was saying. It was incredible to see so many people devoting their unwavering attention. I was directed to the lunch area where I would help with distributing the meals and I was impressed at how streamlined the process was. Everything and everyone had their place at this conference. The most impressive thing I can recall was the coordination of the outfits everyone had. They were all made from the same fabric and people expressed their creativity in choosing to make either dresses, skirts, shirts and more. Even after the lunch shift I felt motivated to help out wherever necessary. There was this unique energy that moved people to be part of the community and keep it moving. I recommend attending future TEN conferences to any and all students curious about volunteering, it was a truly eye-opening experience.

Victor Nuwagira (Grade 11) - Service participant

Since my time at LCS for the past 6 years, the TEN conference (The Educators Network) has always amazed me. It is a real life example of the fact that acquiring knowledge is a lifelong journey that never ends. This was most evident when I saw teachers being taught for the first time. I have heard of PD days but seeing it first hand was an eye opening experience. Being able to share my knowledge and perspective as a student in planning a Field trip ( the course I was teaching ) was very rewarding for me as I was given a voice and was able to show other people that it counts. Overall, as a student I was able to achieve a lot at the TEN conference by being able to express my agency whilst also learning tons of new things from my co - presenters and my listeners.

Dhruv Jain (Grade 9) - Co-presenter