The Best Part of Me

by Fifth Grade

In our current unit of inquiry, grade five is delving into the line of inquiry about “physical, social, and emotional changes during puberty”. 

The concepts for the unit are; change, causation and responsibility. As we are learning about the physical parts of the human body, our students' provocation was to capture the best part of their body and to write a poem about it. 

This activity was inspired by the book, The Best Part of Me by Wendy Ewald. In the book, elementary students wrote poems to match their best body parts. In fifth grade, we studied the poems in the book and came up with poems to celebrate our best parts. 

This was an opportunity to revise different poetic devices and line breaks. We also used the writing process to get to publish our poems. 

Below are comments from three fifth graders about the activity: 

“I felt happy and enjoyed doing it with the process. It was funny taking the pictures.” Teddy 

“I really liked a lot of the things, I can’t pick one. Since I can’t pick any part, I pick all of them.” Sonia

“I felt like I got to know the best part of me and what I really like. It’s more about learning about ourselves.” Satoka 

Here are our poems for you to enjoy. 

Fifth Grade 
Elementary School, LCS January 2022