Understanding Deeper Concepts through Joyful, Meaningful Learning

Understanding Deeper Concepts through Joyful, Meaningful Learning
By Jacklyn Nguyen,ECC and Design Teacher

One of the strong favorites of transdisciplinary themes in ECC is the "How
We Express Ourselves" unit. The students at this age are natural agentic learners
who know how to express themselves and are not afraid to do so! Our central
idea was, we can use our creativity to express our ideas and feelings. This is a
big concept that we intrinsically know, but is sometimes hard to put into words
for our young learners. Even so, the big ideas were sung to the tune of Twinkle,
Twinkle, Little Star
during their show.

For most of the unit, we split the students into a moving jigsaw where they
learned about a different creative form of expression for most of the class and
then came together at the end of each class to share with each other and ask
questions about what they did, or make connections. By the end of all the
rotations, the students were introduced to at least 9 different areas of the arts.

To put into action what the students learned, they selected an art form they
wanted to work with to share with their community. We had aunties, uncles,
cousins, and grandparents Zoom in from around the world to help our young
learners celebrate their learning. We were all very proud to say the least, to see
ECC take to the stage and show everybody what they 'got'.

Bravo and only onward and upward for all these performers!