Village of Hope Orphanage club

Village of Hope Orphanage

This trip was made mainly to ascertain that school supplies we had purchased from a Loyalty grant had been made available.

So when we got there we first met with the Director, Mr. Karikari, and his coordinator, Mr. Richard. We were told the items had been bought and were being transported back to the orphanage. Student leader, Aayush, created a Quiz Game where each of the 3 groups (Brazil, Barca and Hope) of students answered problems on Maths and General Knowledge. After a keen contest, Barca emerged winners followed by Brazil, then Hope team.

When the supplies arrived we were truly delighted. They were made up of exercise books, text books, pens, markers and whiteboards. A brief handing over ceremony was made and their student representatives were truly delighted at this kind gesture from LCS VOH orphanage club. These are the materials we will be working with alongside the students whenever we make trips. We want to help improve upon their academic skills.