WAISAL Swimming

by Steve Betts, Aquatics Director and Swim Coach

Our LCS Swim Team took part in a virtual WAISAL swimming competition during the week of November 15-19.  We had nearly 40 MS and HS students taking part and dozens of spectators passing by, drawn to the pool by the excitement of competition on campus as well as the upbeat tunes provided by our announcer, Mr. Troy Duffield.

On the first day of competition Alison Duffield set a new LCS record in the 15-Over Girls' 50 Butterfly.  It's quite remarkable that a record was broken after we have been out of the water so long due to problems caused by COVID.  Nevertheless nearly every swim team member posted new best times in one or more events during the week, and the team spirit displayed by our swimmers was terrific.  It was great to finally have the chance to race!

Other WAISAL schools are also competing in their own pools.  Results will be submitted shortly and we will tabulate the results and post them near the pool.  Congratulations to our LCS swimmers for a job well done, and thanks to Team Mom Maria Oram for organizing our parent volunteers - we couldn't have done it without you!  The more we do together, the more we achieve.